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What you can expect from your first visit:
New Patient Paperwork
We try to make the paperwork as brief as possible.  It can be downloaded here and completed ahead of time.  
Consultation & Examination
You will have a meeting with the Doctor and explain your reason for coming to see us.  The doctor will go through a medical history and address any concerns you may have.  You will then have x-ray studies done to help determine what is going on.  The x-rays are very important to help us rule out a more serious condition and aid us to form the most effective treatment plan for you. 
First Adjustment & Plan of Care
You will receive an adjustment on your first visit after the doctor fully assess your x-rays and discusses your medical background.  The doctor will then come up with a plan of care for you.  It will outline the frequency of visits per week and how long you should continue this regimen to get you back to your optimal health. After this you can schedule all your upcoming appointments at the front desk. 
You have now begun your journey to feeling good all time again!  
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