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“I have gone to several different chiropractors, but none of them are as good as Dr. Lou.  My daily life has been better as I am able to walk better and because of no back pain I am a lot happier, and not in pain constantly.” 

~ Debbie H.



“My daughter started seeing Dr. Lou when she was almost three months old.  She could not turn her head fully; she had acid-reflux & could not sleep on her back.  After her second visit, the difference was obvious.  She was not screaming in pain after her feedings & she was failing asleep while lying on her back.  Now she can easily turn her head to each side to look around & react to her surroundings, she holds her head up strongly, and is comfortable when eating.  I am extremely satisfied with her progress because of Dr. Lou and am glad I chose chiropractics over acid-reflux medications.” 

 ~Laurie V.



“Chiropractic Care has been such a blessing to my life.  Dr Lou has helped correct my spine and neck since only two months ago.  My stomach used to bulge out and I never knew it was related to my spine.  With proper exercise and weekly visits directed from Dr. Lou, I feel awesome and plan on coming regularly.” 

~ Marisa T.

"Dr. Lou was not my first chiropractor, but he will be my last!"

~John C.

"His superb adjustments have helped with neck and spine enhancements as well as cold, sinus infections and fever.  The staff is courteous, cordial and caring....."

~Cindy & Norman

"Not only does Dr. Lou adjust with his hands, he heals with his heart......"

~Mori L.

"Everyone in Dr. Lou's office is friendly and accommodating. The patient's needs are always the top priority."

~ Kathleen S.

"Dr. Lou's hands are golden!"

~Loryn L

"Dr. Lorenzo and his staff are unlike any other chiropractic office that I've visited...He is dedicated to healing/helping the "whole person"."

~Catherine B. 

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